Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Post (ie. Rantings and Ravings from a Jaded Tech)

Getting all of this set up and working on posting some video of some current and not-so-current projects from a 30-something who has been involved in computers since the days of the Commodore VIC-20...

Stuff like:
* Amateur Radio (HAM Radio)
* Music and Music Production (Software, Hardware and Instruments),
* Vintage stuff like Vacuum Tubes (and what you can do with such obsolete technology, like building Guitar Amplifiers)
* Videos and other media are coming soon, including an instructional on building your Guitar Amp from scratch, even in HD goodness!

It will be a big mix of old and new, modern and vintage...much like my 30's so far


  1. Very keen to read future blogs on guitar amps. Looks like a good blog in the making!

  2. Thanks Flcnpnch, I have thought about ways to throw a lot of the knowledge I have gained in amp-building in the last 4 years, but finally became motivated to do it early this morning. I look forward to posting much more in the coming days. I have built two amplifiers so far, but the second one still has a bit of debugging before it is really ready to demonstrate.

    Eventually I want to turn the hobby into a business of making Custom Amplfiers.