Sunday, February 13, 2011

From Cricut, to Circuit - Part III - Implementing your circuit

I will go into some of the things I have discovered so far after etching your circuit and preparing to use it in your project. First things first, when preparing to cut the PCB pattern using the Cricut, SCALING IS ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL. This bears repeating...


Make sure you get the pattern in SCAL to match the EXACT scale and dimensions of the SVG layout you are working from. I tried to cut an even more intricate pattern, based on the following design, which is a clone of a Phase-90 pedal: Tonepad's Pez 90

Here is what I was able to etch out of this. Still waiting on the Dremel I ordered to complete the board by drilling all the tiny holes in it.

(This was an old saved post from 3/23/11 and have the details posted in a newer one)

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