Saturday, August 6, 2011

Place and trace

Why is this concept so incredibly difficult to master? I'm serious, it is literally an art-form to be able to take a basic one-dimensional logical schematic of a circuit, and design a two-dimensional (or 3D) physical layout on PCB's....and to do it efficiently.

This is a mastery I have desired to perform for years, but alas I am a rank amateur at that, even a beginner. I am still having a hell of a time trying to wrap my head around the concept of layouts by ordering where components go on an X-Y grid and drawing traces between them, and I think I understand why people spend gobs of money to go to school to become Electrical Engineers.

Luckily there is some software out there that can assist with the Layout portion of Electrical circuit designs. I will be evaluating some in the next few weeks and give my thoughts on each.