Saturday, October 4, 2014


I have been too busy raising a family, but still, after not updating this blog for 3 years it's high time to sweep out the cobwebs. Time for a random stream of consciousness.
The answer to the question is:
This is why they software was invented to do place and trace. I recently discovered EAGLE PCB and am playing around with this now to do PCB work.

Still exploring methods of PCB manufacture, but the Cricut is put away for the time being. What's changed? For one, 3D printing has taken the world by storm.

A fellow MSFT nerd and former coworker from 2008, Jerry, recently got me interested in the world of 3D printing after I discovered his Youtube channel, Barnacules Nerdgasm, and found him geeking out on maker technology in his videos..

Barnacules went to the World Maker Faire 2014, representing Ultimaker, and posted Vlogs of his experience on his channel. Most of the stuff he documented was absolutely mindblowing, like an 18-foot tall Delta printer named PartDaddy...

But there was one booth he featured that stood out from the rest of the Maker Faire.

There is a man from Togo, Afate of WɔɛLab, who built a 3D printer out of scrap E-waste. Running a hackerspace in his own country, they obtained a 3D printer, but when they wanted build another, they realized they could find all the materials they needed in the their own landfills. This inspired me that this is the kind of maker niche I want to get into, and also a printer I want to build. Anyone who has read my blog over the years knows that recycling and re-appropriating e-waste is something I enjoy.

Seeing this kind of stuff stoked a fire and made me want to jump back into the maker game, full speed. So I challenge myself, to build a WAFATE printer completely out of eWaste.

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