Sunday, October 5, 2014

SHELFstRAP 3D printer

I think I need to start with a RepStrap first. I just want to get printing cool stuff, and building a plastic recycler. I think it would probably would be easier and far cheaper to get as many materials from the local McLendon's, Home Depot or Lowes piecemeal. I want a dirt cheap Strapped-Budget-RepStrap, especially since I am nearly dirt poor right now. I'll document what I find, and post a running tally of materials in case someone wants to build a printer out of whatever they have laying around. Today I was checking Home Depot to see what kind of rods they have, and to build a Mendel style printer would probably cost at least around $100 just in smooth and threaded rods, and none stainless steel. It would probably be cheaper to get a set of premeasured rods on eBay or Amazon...but I pay cash for everything, and avoid online purchases unless necessary, since when I want get as much as I can locally first. So Steel Rods and brass bushings is too expensive right now. I was inspired to look in Lighting for the aluminum extrusion they use in track lighting, maybe I would get lucky. ____Introducing the SHELFstRAP! I was instead drawn to the track shelving units you can fix to wall, and drop in supports and shelves on the notches. So I picked up a couple of these tracks below following to test out. I'll get some of the shelf supports to cut up with a Dremel and mount some skateboard bearings to make carriages: Rubbermaid 24" Single Track Upright (FG4A6701UTLTY) $2.50 ea (x2) These could go together like a sturdy Erector Sets with the right bolts bolts and a Dremel!

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